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trial attorneyAs a trial attorney in Orlando, Patrick Grozinger has developed a very respected reputation in the field of criminal defense law. Grozinger has worked tirelessly to help those in need with the aid of his years of experience as both an Assistant State Attorney with the State Attorney's Office, as well as with his own firm. After graduating with a Juris Doctorate and a Diploma in Civil Law from Louisiana State University, Patrick Grozinger relocated to Orlando, where he has remained and made a name for himself.

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Hands-On Approach

During every case that he works with, his approach has always been to be very hands-on with the client. From the moment your phone rings into the office, to the consultation, and eventually to the case at hand, he is always present. The benefit of this proactive approach is to prevent potential problems down the road, as well as to establish a great relationship with the client. Regardless if you're dealing with a DUI, or a domestic violence charge, Grozinger is devoted to making sure that you're satisfied every step of the way. Protecting rights, no matter how complex the case, is the ultimate goal, and any means will be taken to accomplish that.

It doesn't matter what charges you're facing, because at the end of the day, you'll be a part of a wonderful team whose sole goal is to help you. Through his hard work and effort, the aim of reducing your sentencing, or removing it altogether, can effectively be realized. Even in situations where a case isn't taken, there is a focus on education. One meeting with Patrick Grozinger can help you to realize the details about your specific case, and even if you decide to go elsewhere, you've learned some valuable information that you can use to make a sound judgment.

Areas of Criminal Law

In the realm of criminal defense there are many different charges that can be given, but each type of case has one thing in common; you've been cited for something you believe yourself to be innocent of. At Grozinger Law, P.A., they will fiercely defend your rights, regardless if you're dealing with a DUI, domestic violence charges, traffic offenses, theft and/or burglary, or drug crimes. By using a unique yet straightforward approach to criminal defense, Grozinger can stay on top of any potential changes.

Let his wealth of experience come in handy for you; contact his office today to schedule your consultation. Not only will you take away valuable information, you'll have found a trial attorney that's willing to work specifically for you.

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At Grozinger Law we offer a free initial consultation, reasonable fees and flexible payment plans that includes service fees and expenses. 

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