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Like many other states, the State of Florida has its own rules when it comes to how they handle a violation of probation. Grozinger Law, P.A. has plenty of experience with violation of probation (VOP) cases in the state of Florida including Orlando and is a good place to get the answers that you need in regards to your case. If you find yourself on probation it can be because of a couple different reasons:

  • You are a first-time offender
  • You reached a deal with the state attorney in exchange for a guilty plea
  • Your lawyer helped you negotiate a deal

Either way, you find yourself on probation and when that is the case, there are conditions that must be met or the probation will be revoked. Because probation is a replacement for sentencing, revoking it would most likely mean you are going to jail, or even prison. Often times, a judge might even withhold the actual conviction should you get through the probation without any violations. There are a lot of ways that being on probation is a good thing, but there is also a few that make it a bad option.

However, if you are not looking to go to jail right now, it might be your only option. Grozinger Law, P.A. offers the help that you will need to get back on track should you violate your probation. Typically, if a probation order is violated, that means you are going back to jail, rehabilitation, community service or paying the maximum fine allowable. There are a few things that are on your side should you violate the terms. Attorneys like Patrick Grozinger are experienced when it comes to finding the evidence that proves you did not violate, or the lack of evidence that you did.

Can my probation be shortened?

The short answer is no, but some judges might see that you have completed more than half of the probation period without issue and move to have it terminated.

Should I get a lawyer while on probation?

You will not be required to have one, but an experienced lawyer from the Orlando area can certainly help you make the process smoother compared to your representing yourself and not knowing where the next step is.

Will I get bond if arrested for probation violations?

Most of the time the answer is no and that includes more than half of the time, however if your attorney is well versed in VOP situations, there might be a light at the end of that tunnel. That usually comes for non-violent cases heard in the Florida court system.

Probation hearings require motions to be filed and if you are representing yourself, those are things that you might miss during a hearing, but an experienced lawyer from the Orlando area will not.

Patrick Grozinger knows what it will take to get you situated with probation in the state of Florida and can also help you with the conditions of that probation and any violation of it, as well. Call Grozinger Law, P.A. today to get more information.

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