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Questions to Ask Your Domestic Violence Attorney

Have you or a loved one been recently involved in a domestic violence dispute and are now seeking out an attorney to help you deal with your case? In these most trying times, it's very important that you find a lawyer that is not only well qualified for the job, but also suits your needs as a client. Domestic violence law differs depending on where the crime was committed, whether it's on the state, county, or even city level; so finding an attorney familiar with the laws of the area in which the case will be presented is integral. That's why, before making any decisions as to who will represent you, you should consider some of these questions. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can take a more educated approach to choosing the best domestic violence attorney for you.

What is the Attorney's Education and Training?

Regardless of whether an attorney is criminal or civil, there is one unifying thing that they all share, and that is law school. It's required that every practicing attorney have finished law school, but what isn't specified is which chosen specialty they take after the general courses have been completed. When you're in the market for a domestic violence lawyer, it's important that you ask them about what specialized training they took, and whether or not they were involved in any organizations and/or programs relating to your type of case. While many of these programs and organizations are geared towards the victim, an attorney that has been involved gains a particular insight into the legal, emotional, and psychological situations involved in these cases.

Once you've determined if the attorney is qualified in the domestic violence field, you can rest more at ease knowing that your case is in the hands of a professional. At Grozinger Law, P.A. our goal is to give you that peace of mind, so let us take the worry off your hands.

What Are Their Credentials?

In our industry, there are many different ways that an attorney can be given acclaim for their work, proving that they aren't just good at their job, but that they are qualified to do so as well. Representation in the AV Peer Review Rating is a great benchmark to see just how much experience an attorney has, but there are other sites such as Avvo that are capable of presenting you with a rating for each attorney on a legal specific page. Most attorneys will gladly discuss their credentials with you, and it's up to you to determine if they fit your needs based on that.

What is Their Experience With Similar Cases?

Even the most educated, and the highest qualified attorneys might not be the right fit for your case, because they may lack the actual experience with domestic violence cases. This is perhaps even more important than the previous two, as your case is reliant upon their ability to represent you in the best way possible. An attorney that has practiced law for over twenty years, but has very little experience in domestic violence, may be less qualified to represent you than a lawyer with only five years experience and a vast amount of domestic violence experience. It's important that you ask these questions during your consultation, because knowing the history of your attorney is vastly more important that specifics to the case.

Regardless of your situation, when you call our offices for a consultation, we're more than happy to answer any and all questions that you ask. Patrick Grozinger is proud to speak about his education and qualifications, so don't feel scared to ask the difficult questions. We know that once you've gotten the answers to these important questions, you'll want to have Grozinger Law, P.A. represent you. So give our offices a call today, we're awaiting your questions.

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